The MFF is pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting a ferret show this year. The date is set for Saturday, October 20, 2018, and will be held in the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, MI. Please watch our Events page for more details!


As the Midwest Ferret Fellowship Faire nears, we have a need for volunteers to assist in the following areas:

Admission Table (taking admission and putting wristbands on visitors).

Registration Table (giving vendors and exhibitors receive their show packet).

Division Table (the restrooms are between the West River Room where the bird show is going on and the Hillside Room where we will be. We need a couple of people stationed at this spot to be sure “bird people” aren’t entering the ferret show without paying).

Vet-Check Table (assisting the Attending Veterinarian with ferrets and their owners … checking vaccination records).

MFF Sales Table (attending to customers selling MFF merchandise).

MFF Sucker Pull Table (our raffle is very unique … for $1/ticket or $5/6, visitors get to pull suckers with color-coded tips from Kenny, the pegboard ferret. Designated colors for various gifts) .

Judges Area (This is essentially assisting judges with whatever they may need. May be asked to show ferrets for exhibitors).

Games (Helping with the 9 games we have planned, e.g. taking entrants names & entrance fee).

Set-Up & Tear Down (Table set-up is being done by the Deltaplex but we still have to set up the hall with table skirts, the sucker-pull area, the MFF table and other little things as well as tear down at the end of the show).

Poo Patrol (We are going to have a playpen set up for ferrets to go potty & the litter box will need to be cleaned).

If any MFF member can help for a two hour or more from 8:00AM thru the end of the show, it would be greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Arker – Milwaukee pallet racking and warehouse installer.

If any MFF member can recruit a non-member for a two hour shift or more, that person can have free admission into the show.

Please believe me when I say your time and assistance is very much appreciated.

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A Word from our Founders:

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